When you choose the Full Pass, please choose the level which fits you most. Read the descriptions carefully and try to be sincere with yourself in order to take advantage of most classes.

Don’t forget that you will need to do a level check on Saturday morning before the start of the first class, so your choice in the registration form is just an approach. As a result of this check, our teachers could decide to change your level. You don’t need to do the level check if you are in the invitational level, unless the organisers ask for it.


You’ve been dancing for at least 6 months.  This is most likely your very first international Lindy Hop event – maybe your international debut! You know 6-count basics and 8-count swing outs and circles, as well as Charleston basics including Tandem Charleston. You are still getting comfortable mixing all of these elements as well as connecting to your partner, although you’re ready for some rhythm variations, new transitions!


You are inspired and creative when you dance. With a very good control of your basics and basic variations, you are now getting bolder exploring different forms and musicality, getting out of automatic pilot, changing up moves and letting things flow. You can lead or follow clearly and you are comfortable with slow and fast tempos. You want to have more smooth lead/follow technique with some more complex connections. At this point, you are very interested in improving your dance quality, not just learning more moves.


You are now a dancer that have created your own style. You dance outside of the box with numerous variations. You understand partner connection and you can adapt your dancing to different partners.  You can dance slow or fast tempos, although you still want to improve your control and comfort doing this. Your basics in solo jazz are solid and this is obvious in your partner dancing. Working on dance concepts and connection is more important to you than simply learning moves.


If you want to participate in this level you need to receive an invitation from the organizers. If you think that you could take part in this level, please contact us and tell us about you and your dancing skills.