When you choose the ‘Cabra’ Pass, please choose the level which fits you most. Read the descriptions carefully and try to be sincere with yourself in order for you to benefit the most of your classes.

Don’t forget that when you decide to enlist in the levels: ‘Francisca Herrera’, ‘María Mariño’ and ‘María Victoria Moreno’ you will need to do a level check on Saturday morning before the start of the first class. As a result of this check the teachers of the Enxebre Swing Festival can decide to change the level in which you can start. You don’t need to do the level check if you are in the invitational level, unless the organisers ask for it.



Winner ‘Letras Galegas’ 1987

You’re already dancing between 6 months and 2 years. You’re attending social dances more than once a month and you can do the basic steps of lindy hop, triple step, charleston and rhythm walk effortlessly. The more complex moves with connexion like the swing out prove to be difficult. Your goal is to secure the more complex steps like swing out, tack turn, sugar push and many others. This level will expand your swing ‘vocabulary’ and will provide you with a wider dancefloor ‘toolbox’.


Winner ‘Letras Galegas‘ 2007

You’re already dancing lindy hop between 2 and 4 years. You’re attending social dances once a week or more. You feel secure when you’re dancing complex steps but you’d like to expand your technique and improve your style and musicality on the dancefloor. Your biggest goal goes beyond vocabulary, your challenge is to get more variation in your footwork and to better interact with the music. Furthermore, you’d like to connect better with your partner and also like to learn how your body can respond better on slow or fast music.



Winner ‘Letras Galegas‘ 2018

You’re dancing at least for 4 years. You’re always going to social dances when the opportunity arises, even if you have to change city or country for it (at least a couple of times per year). You’re at a point that lindy hop doesn’t hold many surprises anymore, the connection, the passes nor the slow or fast songs. Swing dance has become a part of your lifestyle. But of course, one can always use a bit more technique and searching for your own style and musicality doesn’t do any harm. So if you would like to polish your style to perfection, then this is your level!!


Only with invitation

You are teaching lindy hop, and you want to challenge yourself, and leave the comfort zone.  If you consider that you might register for this level, please contact us and tell us about your experience dancing, teaching and/or competing.