You can register individually or as a couple. If you register as a couple you need to use the same form and make sure to include, for both persons, the following details: full name, telephone number, e-mail and number of identification document. Registration available until 14th, May.

REGISTRATIONS FOR PARTY PASS (PASE ESMORGA) Only individual registrations.

REGISTRATIONS FOR SWING ONS ISLAND (Boat trip and lunch at Ons Island) will be able in registration forms for Full Pass and Party Pass. If you don’t register for any of them, but if you want to be part of this excursion, please contact us and we will register you for the activity!

FRIDAY OR SATURDAY PARTY INDIVIDUAL TICKETS will be available at the party’s door and they will be sold on a first-come. Reservation is not possible.


Before entering your registration please read attentively the terms of payment and cancellation.