By registering for the ‘Enxebre Swing Festival 2018’ you need to accept the terms of payment and cancellation

Terms of registration

Payment of the festival

Once you completed the registration form we will send you an e-mail confirming your place on the participants list and explaining how to proceed with the payment. The amount due will depend on the pass you have chosen.

CABRA PASS (Full Pass): Advance payment of 75 € (per person)// the remaining amount has to be paid in cash at festival check-in

CHEIRON PASS (Curious Pass): Full advance payment of 55 € (per person)

ESMORGA PASS (Party Pass ): Full advance payment of 25 € (per person)

You can make your advance payment using the bank account indicated in the confirmation e-mail. From the moment we send the e-mail you have 7 days to do the advance payment and send us the proof of payment. If we don’t receive the proof of payment within the set deadline we will assume that you´ve renounced your place on the list making it available for someone else.

Payments of the persons registered as a couple must be made in the same bank transfer, indicating in the concept the name of the two persons registered.


Individual or couples registrations

The reservation of your place on the list will be processed in order of registration, taking into account that for the ‘Cabra Pass’ it is necessary to maintain a balance between leaders and followers.
In case the maximum number of participants for a certain role (leader or follower) is exceeded the individually registered persons will be passed on to the end of the waiting list until that particular group is in balance again.

For the ‘Cheiron’ and ‘Esmorga’ pass it is not necessary to indicate a certain role (you can only register individually)

Cancellation policy

If, for whatever reason, you cannot attend the festival we will not reimburse your advance payment. However, you can search for another person with the same level and role who can replace you. If such would be the case, please contact us by e-mail:


Rules of conduct

The Enxebre Swing Festival organisation would like to provide for a safe environment in which everyone, participants, teachers and organisers, respect each other. In case somebody crosses these boundaries, hence becoming a threat to the physical or psychological integrity of another person, he or she will be automatically expelled from the festival without any possibility to claim any refund of the amount paid.