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Enric Peidro Swingtet + Jessie Gordon

Enric Peidro Swingtet Enxebre Swing Festival 2020
Photo by Sara Pista

Since Enric Peidro was in Galicia with Dan Barrett, our swing comunity in Galicia is totally in love with him and his way of understanding the swing music. For this time Enric will be playing with his Swingtet. We are looking forward to dance two nights in a row with them!

The tenor saxophonist Enric Peidro has a long and solid musical career in the field of classical jazz and is undoubtedly one of the most solid and respected Spanish musicians on the scene. Peidro has received excellent critiques of his work in a large number of specialised media, which have invariably highlighted his great knowledge of the classical tenor sax. The saxophonist from Alcoy is one of the benchmarks of classical jazz within and beyond spanish borders.

Enric Peidro Swingtet brings an excellent group of international musicians that makes this formation one of the most demanded and respected in the spanish classical jazz scene. The Swingtet gets inspiration from the immense legacy of the Swing era but its intention is far from the nostalgia of museum or recreation note by note the arrangements or versions of the time. Actually, firmly rooted in tradition, the intention of this powerful sextet is the creative, imaginative and contemporary interpretation of the music they are passionate about.

An elegant staging, an electrifying live performance and a contagious enthusiasm, make Enric Peidro Swingtet a musical experience that leaves no one indifferent and whose concerts are not easily forgotten by music and dance lovers.

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Jessie Gordon is an australian musician who enjoys music that swings, dancing in her kitchen to Otis Redding, eating cheese at any given opportunity and singing in the shower and every other (shaded) venue. Her main musical passions are jazz, blues, gospel and roots music. Jessie has toured the world, performing in South East Asia, Germany, France, Spain, Italy and the UK. She has been nominated for 22 Fringe Awards and has won 15 Music and Cabaret Awards at Fringe World. 





Laia Puig & Gustav Jakobsson

Laia and Gustav are old acquaintances in Galicia, they were the teachers in charge of Winter is Coming 2017 (Swing On School), and they undoubtedly left a great mark on all the people who attended their classes. At this time they are returning, but for the ESF they are willing to do the goat with us! 

Laia started dancing at the age of six and for six years she practiced Ballet, Contemporary and Flamenco daily. When she was 12 years old she started practice and compete in Ballroom dances but switched to Lindy Hop at the age of 19 when her parents brought her to a swing concert. 

Now she is a full time dancer and teacher in Barcelona, she is focusing her teaching on followers to have a strong rhythm and to actively take part in the dance. She constantly strives to improve her dancing and movement by working on her solo jazz dancing as much as her Lindy Hop. She tries to connect fun, rhythm and silliness in her dancing. 

Laia likes to perform and compete both in Lindy Hop and solo dancing, and she has been successful at events such as The Snowball, ILHC and Lindy Shock.

Gustav grew up in a family dedicated to dance but was more into sports as a kid. Later, when his sister suggested that they should try out Lindy Hop by visiting something called Herräng Dance Camp he gave it a chance. During his first contact with the dance in Herräng he was fortunate enough to have a class with Frankie Manning. He fell in love with Lindy Hop and since then, he has been dedicating a lot of time to learn more about this amazing dance. 

Now a full time dancer and teacher in Barcelona, his teaching is focused on rhythm and flow. Gustav is constantly working to improve his movement by practising Solo Jazz movement as well as Lindy Hop. He likes to perform and compete and has been successful at events such as ILHC, ESDC and The Snowball. 

Both Laia and Gustav are well known in the swing community for their attachment to the original Lindy Hop, taking care when they are teaching and when they are dancing of all the details that bring us closer to the Savoy Ballroom in the 1930s. In addition, the form part of the Brothers and Sisters in rhythm, a dance group formed by great figures of lindy hop such as  Felipe Braga, Pamela Gaizutyte, Andrew Mindaugas Hsi, Lucile Pinteaux, Alice Mei, Felipe Braga, Felix Berghäll, Elze Visnevskyte and Peter Kertz.

María Ferrer & Aurélien Darbellay

Maria and Aurélien come from different and  complementary horizons. She fell in love with movement when she was a kid. He was born crazy about rhythm. Her background: dance and pedagogy. His background: music and philosophy.

Maria has been connected to dance since she was a kid. She graduated in ballet and contemporary dance by Conservatory of Valencia and the The Place (UK) and more recently she extended her studies in Performing Arts and Social Action (Institut del Teatre). Except for a short period where she turned her back to the dance, her personal and professional life has always revolved around movement; sometimes as a dancer, sometimes as a teacher or choreographer. She has also been involved in community dance projects with, women, teenagers and seniors in Spain and Germany.

She discovered swing dance in Barcelona and she was amazed by the powerful energy and the social aspect of this dance. Around 2014, she started dancing with Aurélien. Since then, their work has been guided by a bunch of simple and yet powerful ideas: understanding movement and roots, valuing and cherishing the basics, doing more by doing less, conceiving music as a map full of possibilities, playing and trying to feel as free and comfortable as possible.

Maria thinks that there are no mistakes in dance, but rather a thousand of path to explore and,social dance is for her the perfect place to discover them. She likes to go always to the truth of movement.

Aurélien was born in a musician family. Music is his home: a place where he feels safe and alive, at peace and deeply moved. He discovered swing dancing in his late twenties, in Barcelona. It wasn’t love at first sight. Nevertheless, slowly but steadily, he started being more and more interested, and then passionate about it.

He met Maria around 2012, and they started dancing together a couple of years later. Since then, they train together almost every day, actively seeking to make their dance freer, more personal, more flowy, more expressive and more swingy!

For Aurélien, swing dancing is really about embodying the swing there is in the music he likes to dance to. It’s about finding a flow and, from there, using one’s body to show the love, the humor, the melancholy, the wit and all the other beautiful and interesting colors there are in a nice swinging tune.

Andrea Dhanae & Fosy Rock

Andrea and Fosy are our resident teachers! Since the 2017 edition, they come year after year to bring us their good vibes, their way of understanding the lindy hop and their punk attitude! 

Andrea loves dancing. She started dancing other disciplines as a teenager which had nothing to do with swing, but at the moment she discovered it, she knew that it was what she liked and what she had been looking for.

Fosy is a lifelong rocker who was immediately fascinated by Swing back in 2006 in Barcelona. However, it is not until 2011, once he was settled in Vitoria-Gasteiz, that he finally could pick and rescue some lessons and started taking classes much more seriously.

After years of attending festivals and taking lessons with an endless number of national and international teachers, they began to give lessons in 2013. In 2016 they decided to set up their own project in Vitoria-Gasteiz, Mecánicos del Swing, with the idea of working on technique without forgetting the most important element, the fun that dancing brings and it’s being conveyed to us.

Step by step, they have been making a dent  in the Spanish lindy hopper scene, going through different festival throughout Spain, such as  El Pilón 2015/2016, Chimenea Swing 2016, Almería Swing Fest 2016/2017, BeSwing 2017 and Enxebre Swing Festival 2017/2018/2019, Santa Bárbara Weekend 2019, Swing Monkeys Festival, Orosia Swing 2019 and Rioja Swing Festival 2019.

Funny and cheerful hoppers, they will be awaiting for you with a smile and some surprises!

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