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Madrid Hot Jazz Band with Errukine Olaziregi

A journey through the history of essentially vital music and an invitation to the most relaxing and joyful dance. That is basically a show of the Madrid Hot Jazz Band which on this occasion will be accompanied by the impressive voice of Ekurrine Olaziregi, she will take us to the early jazz of New Orleans and Chicago in the 20s and 30s.

Errukine Olaziregi began her career as a singer with the Cromática Pistona band of Madrid, a project of original themes of eclectic vocation and a touch of swing. Afterwards, there have been very diverse projects such as Los Gardenians and their boleros and folk songs with a jazz essence and the Amythology Tributo to Amy Winehouse. Madrid Hot Jazz Band gave her the chance to immerse herself in the jazz of the 1920s, a genre in which she feels like a fish in the water.

The band is also composed by musicians of different nationalities, totally in love with the sound of traditional jazz. Toguether they achieve a joyful and spontaneous music for all audiences based on rhythmic swing and collective improvisation, reinterpreted with its original instrumentation: cornet, clarinet, tenor saxophone that doubles in the soprano as well, banjo, double bass and washboard or drums; accompanied by the voice of Errukine will transform the parties of the Enxebre Swing Festival in an authentic Mardi Gras.

Madrid Hot Jazz Band has two published albums, That Hot Summer of ‘15 (2015) and Some like it hot! (2016). The second you can hear it in their Bandcamp.


The Swinging Flamingos

The Swinging Flamingos
Foto: Yoshimura Ramón

The Swinging Flamingos mix the energy and the elegance of the swing era.

The band is a trio, but they transmit succesfully the big bands essence. This swing group aims to pay tribute to the great names like Fats Waller, Louis Armstrong, Count Basie, and even Frank Sinatra, among others.

The Swinging Flamingos are Alex Salgueiro (hammond), Antonio Otero (voice and tenor sax) and Chus Pazo (drums).



Carla Stinus and Andrés Lázaro

Carla started dancing Lindy hop in Barcelona in 2008. She loves jazz, swing and dance in all its aspects. She comes from the world of classical dance but she was immediately fascinated by the energy of the social dance. She moved to Madrid shortly after and she quickly joined the community of dancers that was being formed. For many years she visited international festivals learning from incredible teachers. Little by little she was building a more and more solid community in her city with projects such as «En Modo Swing» and «El Paso del Miércoles». This last one is a series of YouTube video tutorials which had as objective the diffusion of swing dances.

Carla is currently in charge of the Animal Jazz project, a dance school in Madrid which shares the premises and the spirit with the music school of El Molino de Santa Isabel. Animal Jazz are an extraordinary team of 11 teachers and a great scene of dancers. Toguether they form a groupe with a unique spirit organising some crazy and memorable parties. And this is the energy that Carla brings to the festivals in which she participates!

As a teacher, she makes sure her clases are accesible to everyone, and full of fun. Don’t hesitate to ask her anything you want to know about dancing!

Andrés began his training in Madrid when the scene was still very small, attracted by the casual and unpredictable character of jazz. His passion for dance and music led him to visit the most important festivals in Europe and the United States. In 2013 he left his job and embarked on a long journey without a fixed course that led him to collaborate with the swing scene in Ecuador and to get to know different scenes from the American  and the European continent.

He has given workshops and competed nationally and internationally, in addition to developing other facets such as DJ or choreographer. However, it is in the dialogue that occurs in social dance where he finds true enjoyment. He is part of the team of the Animal Jazz school in Madrid, where he regularly teaches Solo Jazz and Lindy hop lessons. Fascinated by the expressive and communicative abilities of swing, he tries to connect with the music, rhythm and at the same time the free and relaxed side of this dance in his lessons.

His favourite animal is the goat!!

Bárbara Lasmarías and Óscar Pascual

Bárbara has always led the dance inside. From a very young age, she took classes of Jazz, Hip Hop, classical and contemporary dance. She participated in several creations of the German Director Uwe Heim as part of his company. Years later she resumed dancing lindy hop, enchanted by its energy and swing music. Her passion for this dance led her to train with great teachers from Spain and Europe.

She is the founder and a teacher of Cotton Swing School, located in Zaragoza, where she gives Lindy Hop and Solo Jazz.

Her closeness and discipline characterize her as well as clear didactics, a personal style and a lot of musicality. Seeing her dancing is like seeing her soaring on the rhythm of the music!

Óscar has always been a great dancer, he had never taken dance lessons until one day he went to a Swing party; he was so delighted with the Lindy hop that from that time onwards he hasn’t stopped dancing.

His curiosity led him to take lessons from the best dancers, learnt other disciplines such as Solo Jazz, Tap, Collegiate Shag and trained as a teacher.

Founder and teacher of Cotton Swing School, located in Zaragoza and Huesca, he loves to teach and share all his knowledge.  Moreover, on the dance floor, there is no one who can stop him!.

He is very didactic, technical and creative during his lessons, he makes easy what is difficult, he will pass on his Lindy Hop’s passion!

Andrea Dhanae and Fosy Rock

Andrea loves dancing. She started dancing other disciplines as a teenager which had nothing to do with swing, but at the moment she discovered it, she knew that it was what she liked and what she had been looking for.

Fosy is a lifelong rocker who was immediately fascinated by Swing back in 2006 in Barcelona. However, it is not until 2011, once he was settled in Vitoria-Gasteiz, that he finally could pick some lessons rescue those few lessons and started taking classes much more seriously.

After years of attending festivals and taking lessons with an endless number of national and international teachers, they began to give lessons in 2013. In 2016 they decided to set up their own project in Vitoria-Gasteiz, Mecánicos del Swing, with the idea of working on technique without forgetting the most important element, the fun that dancing brings and it’s being conveyed to us.

Teachers in festivals as El Pilón 2015/2016, Chimenea Swing 2016, Almería Swing Fest 2016/2017, BeSwing 2017 and Enxebre Swing Festival 2017/2018.

Funny and cheerful hoppers, awaiting you with a smile and some surprise!



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