Confirmed teachers

Montse and Bea (aka Moon & Bella)

Photo by Swing Sense Fronteres CAT

Although not very well known in the Galician swing scene, these girls spread joy and enthusiasm wherever they dance. A new definition for fun and craziness in swing during classes as well as at the parties. Their passage at ESF2018 will leave nobody unmoved.

Beatriz (Bella) is an actress with lots of experience in amateur and professional acting. Six years ago, she discovered the world of lindy hop. As a woman, full of femininity, she brings nuances and movements to her role as leader that are unexplored by many. The rhythm and music flow through her black soul expressing the good vibes of swing like nobody else.

Montse (Moon) has danced and competed since she can remember. She has done very diverse things such as ice skating, hip hop and rhythmic dancing. When she discovered swing, it was love at first sight. She is a proactive follower with a natural self-confidence transmitting the joy of this dance.

Together they form Moon & Bella, a tandem that fills the province of Girona with Swing, either from the organisation/school they run, Swingats de l’ala Empordà, or with the international festival they organise, the BeSwing Festival.


Andrea and Fosy

Last year we had so much fun together that we’ve decided to ask them again. This time they’ll bring new ideas which will change the way you look at music and dance.

As teachers and founders of Mecanicos del swing they are passionate about dancing. Each festival they are drawing the attention with their musicality and attitude.

Andrea Dhanae simply loves dancing. She took her first steps in lindy hop following classes with Ana Minguez. After following a number of workshops and classes with national and international teachers and attending various festivals she started giving classes at Swing up in 2013. She was also a co-founder of the Savoy dance room in Vittoria. Currently she gives classes only with Fosy. She was a teacher at various festivals such as El Pilon 2015, Chimenea Swing 2016 and BeSwing 2017. You can expect a big smile and a lot of enthusiasm!

Fosy was a real rocker that discovered lindy hop in Barcelona in 2006 and he was instantly captivated. But it was in 2011, when he moved to Vittoria, that he started to follow classes of lindy hop more seriously. Together with Andrea, he started to attend as many national and international festivals as he could. That´s how they ended up winning the first price at Blue Skies Lisbon 2014 and became the runner up of the Jack and Jill Swing Mood Fest 2016. In addition to teaching classes at Swing Up since 2013 and being co-founder of the Savoy Swing Up he was also one of the teachers at El Pilon 2015/2016, Almeria Swing Fest 2016 and Beswing 2017. His passion for music makes him a very enjoyable lindy hopper full of surprises.


Abeth and Javi

Photo by BeSwing Festival

For this edition of EFS, we are very proud to announce that we managed to join up two of our greatest legends of swing to give classes together. He’s from Madrid but lives in Mallorca, she’s Californian but lives in Lisbon, both, together they will give lindy hop lessons in Bueu! Yeah!

Abeth Farag is an inspiring woman, as a dancer, as a teacher, as a person. Abeth has always been an example for the organisers of this festival and whom we would now like to share with the world. We are very proud being able to present to you this super woman, infecting everyone with her tremendous energy that she puts in her dancing and in live.

Born in Los Angeles in 1976 she spent most of her childhood dancing, imitating movie choreographies, following dance classes of all kinds….until she discovered lindy hop in the 90’s. She never stopped dancing, ever since. In 2007, having worked several years in Portugal as an English teacher, she decided to introduce this American dance in our neighbouring country. As founder of Lindy Hop Portugal and of Swing Station School, she never stopped practicing as well as forming new lindy hoppers in Porto and Lisbon.

As a teacher she is a combination of perfectionism and sympathy, with a high degree of knowledge and understanding of the dance, something which is extremely useful for her students. As a dancer she is very elegant, musical and very funny, qualities that have led her to give classes of vintage jazz and lindy hop at some well know festivals like Swingtoñal (Madrid), Policoro in Swing (Rome), Herrang dance camp (Sweden), Vintage swing festival (Slovenia), Rock that swing (Germany). Be swing festival (L’emporda) among others. A very small group of lindy hoppers had the change to enjoy her classes during the 2014 Swing On Festival in Vigo, something we still remember as if it was yesterday.

Javi Santos, a brilliant dancer and musician, teaches lindy hop since 2012, first at En Modo Swing (Madrid) and recently at Galactic Club Jazz Bouncing (Mallorca). He has also participated in festivals such as Shake that Lake (Switzerland), Shake that Legs (Ghent), Hullzapoppin´(England), Move your Bottom (Valencia), Swingalacant Fest (Alicante) and BeSwing (L’Empordà) among others. In Vigo, a group of old-timers from the Galician swing scene were very lucky to have him as a teacher at the 2015 Ghastas Pista Swing Festival, where he left no one unmoved.

As a dancer he evokes musicality, rhythm and attitude, and as a teacher he creates a relaxing and fun classes during which new ideas swiftly emerge. In his classes he usually focusses on musicality, rhythms and communication with your partner as well as how to pursuit your personal style and feel comfortable on the dance floor.

Together with Abeth Farag, with whom he already taught a class at the 2017 BeSwing Festival, they are a perfect combination of technique and style, partner communication, body control, elegance and attitude. Cool people, who get together with other cool people joining a cool festival to teach to even more cool people. You do not want to miss this!


The Band

Berzosax Ensemble

From Cáceres, Berzosax can be considered one of the strongest five-piece band performers in today’s scene. Three saxophones and one tuba with an incredible fierceness, wrapped around the tentacles of their percussionist with a devilish rapidity, they manage to surround you and make you dance until your legs can not take it anymore.

They spread swing from left to right, from Extremadura to Belgian territory, passing through Seville, Salamanca, Zamora, Vigo, Madrid, France, Switzerland and Germany.

There are already many lindy hoppers from different countries who have faced the frenetic rhythm of their music. Will your feet be able to withstand this swing challenge?

● Irrepressible movement of feet.
● Intermittent humming of your melodies.
● Possible abdominal and jaw pain due to contagious laughter.

Berzosax are: Juanlu González (alto sax), Pedro Caballero (soprano sax), Derek McArdle (tenor sax), Jorge Vicent (tuba) and Manu Ruiz (percussion).

The DJs