The venues in which both, classes and parties of the ESF 2018 will take place are all located in the urban area of Bueu. Distances between the venues will be very limited, making it easy to move from one place to another during the festival.

MARQUEE: Specially for the festival a big party marquee with a 200 square metres dancefloor will be set up. The party marquee will be the setting for the parties on Friday and Saturday night. Also some classes of the Full Pass and some Tasters will be organised here.

GYM SCHOOL VIRXE MILAGROSA: Some classes of the Full Pass and some Tasters will be organised here.

ATURUXO: The Aturuxo is a local pub, café, snack-bar and concert venue, with a large garden, existing already for more than 20 years. Aturuxo is one of the most renowned music venues of the Galician music scene reason why they won the 2014 ‘Martin Codax’ award for best music venue in Galicia. Besides being a cultural icon in the ‘Rías Baixas’, it was the first location, since 2012, to host lindy hop classes and swing parties in Galicia.

SEAFRONT PROMENADE IN FRONT OF LEÑA VERDE BAR: We will be dancing outdoor on thursday and friday (this day with live music!) in the Dancing by the Sea activities.

HOTEL INCAMAR: In the event room of this hotel located on the seafront promenade the group dinners of Friday and Saturday will be organised (only for Full Pass owners with pre-reservation). Furthermore, Hotel Incamar offers a 10% discount on room prices for all registered pass holders. If you want to enjoy the discount, please follow the instructions in this link.

BUEU PORT – SWING ONS ISLAND: Meeting point to Swing Ons Island activity on Monday

You can find all locations on the following map: